Saturday, November 11, 2006

La Habichuela

My favorite restaurant in Cancun was in the downtown area. La Habichuela, which means green bean. The courtyard was extremely romantic. My camera would not capture it, but you can see a fantastic panorama of it plus photos of the Mayan art by clicking the title of this post above (La Habichuela). It's the most beautiful and romantic restaurant I've eaten in. After the panorama plays, click the arrows at the bottom to see wonderful still shots of the art.

I must confess, while traveling I am not strictly vegan. While in Hawaii, I was vegan for 6 days and had a migraine the whole time, I am sure it was something in the foods I was eating (mostly Asian). Must have been some MSG somewhere (even though they swore there wasn't any), and I'm still not sure about tofu, it is a possible migraine trigger. At home, I eat vegan and that is how I prefer to eat. When traveling, I've decided that avoiding migraine is more important to me. Both in Hawaii and in Mexico, it was dang hard to even get a vegetable! And in Hawaii, papayas and bananas both give me migraine (frowny sad face). In Cancun, the vegetables are all strange because they are disinfecting them (presumably with bleach). The textures are strange, like marachino cherries.

I had no migraines in Cancun, it was like a 4 day oasis. Completely pain free until the last day, when I stupidly ate a banana.

So below, at La Habichuela I had curried seafood inside this coconut. You spoon it out through the whole covered by the pineapple.

Below was my favorite, Mayan coffee. It's a flambe' liqueur drink. The waiter, Angel, is pouring flaming xtabentun and brandy. Xtabentun is an anise flavored liqueur made from honey from the flower xtabentun. It was a Mayan drink that the Spaniards later added anise to.

Angel first rubbed lime on the outside of the glasses, then burned the sugar on by passing the glass rim into the fire. The liqueurs are set on fire in the metal pitcher and poured back and forth between two pitchers for effect. Lastly, in the bottom photo you can see how he pours the flaming liquid from on high from one pitcher, to the second, and it cascades like a fountain from the second pitcher into the glass.

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