Sunday, April 02, 2017

Massage, Guacamole, Sand & Beer

11/10/16 Day 2 Akumal, Mexico 85 degrees

I had a wonderful massage from Diana at Budha Gardens in Akumal. It cost less than the resort and the experience felt more authentic since it is a locally owned business in the pueblo. The owner told me he used to have his business in a palapa where the resort now stands. My Spanish is limited, his English is limited, but we did communicate. He didn't have a business card for me to put in my travel journal, but he did autograph my journal! (That conversation required Mitch's assistance in Spanish.)

After my massage I did some souvenir shopping in the pueblo and purchased some earrings and a music cd. The music was playing on the radio in the shop, and she happened to have the cd...a local musician. Best souvenir!

For lunch we walked to La Buena Vida, a restaurant on the sand. We enjoyed it. There we drank a locally brewed craft beer, Mundo Maya, and kept the bottle as a souvenir. One feature of the restaurant is the several treehouses they have that you can climb into. Each one has a bucket so you can haul up your cerveza.

In the afternoon, we saw two coatl scampering below our upper floor balcony. Sadly, I couldn't get a good photo since all I had was my phone.

There was a conference cocktail party in the evening and we had dinner at the resort's restaurant, Portifino's with Phil and Grant. (No photos.)
Grounds of Budha Gardens spa

Grounds of Budha Gardens spa

Grounds of Budha Gardens spa

Grounds of Budha Gardens spa

Restaurant in Akumal

Fellow commuter in Akumal

Short walk from resort to Akumal


La Buena Vida restaurant

Local craft beer

La Buena Vida restaurant, on the sand

La Buena Vida treehouse

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