Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dunedin: Breweries, Dogs, Bikes & Carts

10/15/16 Day 5

Finished with the music festival, on this day we drove to Dunedin, FL to visit craft breweries. We started at Dunedin Brewery, Florida's oldest craft brewery. It's also a restaurant. We had lunch on the patio, along with a Great Dane.

In Dunedin, it is legal to drive golf carts in the street and we saw many sturdy carts.

The town of Dunedin is very cute and tourist friendly. We walked around, had an ice cream at Strachan's, purchased a souvenir Christmas ornament in a gift shop and locally roasted coffee beans from Dunedin Coffee Company. Dunedin also has dolphin statues, like we saw in Clearwater.

In the afternoon we sampled beer at 7venth Sun. Their beers were my favorite. The vibe at this brewery is like a large, relaxed party. We met another dog and several friendly people. A guy rode up on a high, old fashioned bicycle and another man had to try riding it, with comic results. A local couple sitting at a large table with us recommended Thai Town for dinner, so we went there. It was delicious! Always good to get recommendations from locals.

We finished off the night with a beer sampler at Woodwright Brewery, where we met more friendly people.

Dunedin Brewery

Dunedin Brewery

Dunedin Brewery

Dunedin Brewery

Parking lot in Dunedin


Dunedin Coffee Company

Guest pooch at 7venth Sun Brewery

7venth Sun Brewery

Altar in Thai Town restaurant, Dunedin

Shrimp dish

Woodwright Brewing

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