Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dali and Gala, Tacos, Beer and Beach

10/16/16 Day 6

Ahhh...another poolside breakfast at an old Florida motel.

On this day, we visited the Dali museum. The temporary exhibit was about Ferran Adria who is a famous chef, and the show centered on food, the dining experience and his now defunct 3 star Michelin restaurant, elBulli in Spain.

We had lunch at Red Mesa Cantina in downtown St. Petersburg, which was completely spoiled by a nightclub upstairs playing dance music so loud that the walls shook. At lunch time.

We found the Dali & Gala mural and took photos. It's in an alley behind 953 Central Avenue.

In the afternoon we sampled craft beer at Green Bench in downtown St. Petersburg. I like their beer, but the vibe can vary from friendly to hoity toity depending on who is there and what's going on. I've seen a group doing acro-yoga there...there's giant Jenga...and a giant white square painted on the side of the building to show movies.

At night we were back on Clearwater beach and had dinner at a new restaurant, Marina Cantina. It is directly on the marina and we sat outside on a rooftop deck. Very pleasant.

Our breakfast spot

The Dali museum

View from upstairs in the Dali museum

Helical staircase in the Dali museum

Children, one to a boat, learning to sail near the Dali museum

Red Mesa Cantina for lunch

Green Bench Brewing

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Sunset on Clearwater beach

Turtle statue in lobby of building that houses Marina Cantina

Charter fishing boats in Clearwater beach marina

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