Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Clearwater Jazz Holiday 2016 Trip

10/11/16 Day 1

For Mitch's birthday trip, we drove to Clearwater, FL for their Jazz Holiday music festival.

On the drive there, we stopped at Ingleside Village Pizza in Macon for lunch and met a cute pooch on the porch seating and saw a nice mural. The food is good and it's in a trendy shopping area of locally owned stores.

In Tampa, we stopped for dinner at Cigar City Brewing. The food is not our favorite and since this was our second time to their brewpub, we plan on trying Tampa Bay Brewing next time. Good beer, though.

Terry the terrier in Ingleside Village Pizza in Macon, GA

Mural on the building next to Ingleside Village Pizza in Macon, GA

Seen in a truck stop

Florida welcome center

Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, FL

Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, FL

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Departure day, Day 11


On our  departure day, the landlord of our accommodation to photos of us on his deck. We headed out in traffic over the pali towards Waikiki, beautiful mountain view. Before going to the airport, we headed to Halekulani, House Without a Key for one more Mai Tai (and some other cocktails) and a dessert. It's a good restaurant, open air, with a world class view of Waikiki Beach and Diamondhead crater. We will definitely return.

Our accommodation in Lanikai

Driving over the pali

At House Without a Key

Patio at House Without a Key

A proper Mai Tai is not pink, and must contain orgeat. Recipe on their website.

Diamondhead volcanic crater, Waikiki beach

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Beach, Pig & the Lady, Kumu Kahua Theater, Day 10

3/26/16 Started the day swimming on a beach in Lanikai just a short walk from our accommodation. Saw a cute tiny house during our walk to the beach. At night we went to Chinatown and had a fancy dinner at very popular The Pig & the Lady restaurant, followed by a locally written play put on a Kumu Kahua Theatre. We make an effort to see a play there when we are on island; locally written productions and pretty much all locals in the audience. The play we saw this time was "Pelicans" by Eric Yokomori, the second play of his we have seen.

Swimming off Lanikai
Mini house on our walk route to the beach
Surf board bench at the mini house
Popular restaurant in Chinatown. Make reservations.

Part of the set of the play "Pelicans", Kumu Kahua Theatre

Part of the set of the play "Pelicans", Kumu Kahua Theatre