Tuesday, April 12, 2016

North Shore Chill Time, Day 1

Chill out time, 3/17/16 Kauai North Shore

After our hike on the Kalalau Trail and Limahuli Garden, it was time for some grub. We picked up a sushi lunch at a literal hole in the wall in Wainiha. You order at a doorway and take it to go. We took ours to the Hanalei Pier but it was raining, so we wound up eating it in the car. It was the freshest sushi I have ever tasted and I'm sad it takes 13 hours flight time plus extra travel time to get to this place.

After our sushi, we just had to sample the Mai Tai at Tahiti Nui in Hanalei even though we didn't expect it to be good. And it wasn't. PASS on this one. It's not worth it. But the lilikoi martini was tasty. There was live music, too. We were there long enough that we ordered a pizza.

It was still raining after our time in Tahiti Nui, so we walked around the shops in Hanalei. I found some yarn at Hanalei Strings.

We headed back to our cottage and found a grocery store. I was lucky enough to find two foodstuffs I planned in advance to locate. Kulolo is a taro dessert and mamaki tea is a tea endemic to Hawaii. I was glad to try both these items as novelties, but neither one are something I would buy again. Kulolo is hard to describe. Kind of a poi cake Very moist. And mamaki tea is sort of like green tea. But not. And expensive.

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