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Ke'e Beach & Kalalau Trail, Day 1

Ke'e Beach and Kalalau Trail, 03/17/16

I'd read that the parking lot at Ke'e Beach, the start of the Kalalau trail on the Napali coast is very small and fills up by 9 AM. So we used our East coast 6 hour time difference to our advantage and got up at dawn to make it over early enough to get a spot. It was an hour drive from our cottage.

We started the day at Java Kai in the town of Kapa'a with a nice breakfast and I had a macadamia nut latte. I'd read that the coffeehouse gets lines out the door, too, but we were the first ones there. Here's the coffeeshop and the store and mural next to it.

Driving on the north shore, there are many one lane bridges. Etiquette is for groups of cars to take turns crossing. The public buses are vans and fit on the bridges.

Sometimes you can't see if someone is coming from the other direction.

Driving north shore Kauai to the end of the road.

We made it to Ke'e Beach and the lot immediately filled very shortly after we arrived. Getting up at dawn was the right decision.

There were the ubiquitous Kauai chickens in the lot and on the beach.

Swim warnings and big waves.

Lifeguard sign:

No swimming for us, we were there to hike!

Warning signs all over the place. If you ever go here, definitely hike to the Coast Viewpoint, half mile. Don't get confused like I did and think the beach viewpoint is it. Keep going!

Half mile, you say? Easy peasy? It's not just any half mile. I'm glad it didn't rain while we were actually on the trail. We were lucky and had good footing. This is the trail...that rocky thing that looks like a wall over M's shoulder.

We got out of the way for some 20-somethings to pass...

View of Ke'e Beach at the 0.25 mile point.

View at 0.5 mile, Coast View. Where another hiker took a bunch of photos of us, but my eyes were closed in every one and his thumb was in the frame too.

What goes up, must go down...glad it remained dry for the hike down.

Once down, we had a nice walk along the beach and met some dogs.

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