Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 15: Musee Jacquemart-Andre

On the 15th (and final) day, we went to the Jacquemart-Andre museum. It's the collection of married couple, and this was their home. It's well worth a visit. My only disappointment is that since it is a home, the rooms are small and they were completely taken over by a tour group. Very aggravating in the special Caravaggio exhibit; they completely filled each room they entered.

The art and the home are fantastic.

Saw one of my absolute favorites, on loan from the Pitti Palace in Florence where it first floored me. So glad to see it in person again.

The beautiful home:

The neighborhood around the museum is also gorgeous:

We walked past the Burkina Faso embassy and saw these statues:

After lunch, we took the Metro. The Metro requires fitness.

Our destination: the Archeological Crypt at Notre Dame cathedral. It was created to display archeological remains discovered from 1965- 1972. I didn't think it was labeled well and there are no restrooms. I'm still glad I stopped there, but I wish I could have learned more. The Crypt is all underground and the entrance is outside the cathedral.

I was very tired, hungry and thirsty by this time, but we hoofed it over to the Pantheon which was soon to close for the day. We wanted to see Foucault's pendulum, but it wasn't on display that day. We did see the tombs of Marie Curie and Pierre Curie there. Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Emile Zola are also there, among many others.

I'm pretty sure that it was right after this that I was almost mowed down by a city bus that ran a red light. After that, it was time for a biere and moules frites.

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