Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 11: Rainy Paris, Cemetery Art, French Food

On March 23, we took a plane from London to Paris.

After arriving at our hotel in Montmartre, the first thing we did was head towards Montmartre Cemetery. Unfortunately, in the rain. Contrary to what popular movies may have you believe, walking in Paris in the rain is not romantic, it is a pain.

I was soon cheered though, when straight away we saw street art by Gregos. He makes casts of his face and places them on buildings.

Then we explored the beautiful cemetery.

Walking in the rain, it was especially startling to see this tomb out of the corner of my eye:


We were surprised to see a cactus statue.

We finally had enough of tromping through a cemetery with wet feet and retreated to a restaurant near our hotel, Pub Montmartre. It became one of my favorites because of the friendly proprietor. Here's the view out of the window from our table and the tasty meal we shared.

Fortified, we ventured out once more into the rainy night to walk to a patisserie owned by a pastry and chocolate chef who has won the prestigious award of Meilleur Ouvrier de FranceArnaud Larher.

There were ginornmous Easter rabbits and a case of gorgeous pastries.

I chose a chocolate mousse pastry and Mitch got something that was similar to a New Orleanian Napoleon, but different. It was a praline flavor.

Here's a photo of Mitch in silhouette to show how large the Easter rabbit was (in the window on the right).

Rainy night in Montmartre.


Mary Lou Peters said...

Oh, Celeste--Thank you for sharing your rainy day with us. You must do a lot of research before ever leaving home to find these unusual places to explore. Thank you so much!

winna said...

what gorgeous photography and the comments were great...I'd want the praline flavor dessert. The statuary was mind boggling !