Friday, April 03, 2015

Windsor Castle

Our day in Windsor was fantastic. We saw the changing of the guard. Luckily, everything was open the day we were there, so we saw Queen Mary's dollhouse which was much more interesting than I expected, the China Museum, all the State Apartments, St. George's Hall, Garter Throne Room, St. George's Chapel, Albert Memorial Chapel, the Round Tower, Norman Gate, Waterloo Chamber. Whew! What a day. Photos weren't allowed inside.

Riders in the streets of Windsor.

After leaving the castle, I asked one of the guards for a recommendation of a pub with "real ale". "Ah!" he said. "You want a proper pub." That's how we wound up at the Two Brewers.

The pub wasn't serving food anymore by the time we got there, so after a cider and an ale, I asked a local in the pub for a restaurant recommendation and we made our way there. Sadly, it was closed, but we saw a Moroccan place and had a nice meal there. We were surprised that they were playing Mexican music inside. When we mentioned it to the waiter, he said they had gotten tired of hearing Moroccan music all the time.

Then we had a lovely sunset walk along the Thames, and crossed the bridge into Eton. It was all very picturesque. I'd love to spend more time there. And the swans begged for food like dogs.

We finished the day with ale samples at King & Castle and then took the train back to London. Just like Salisbury, I wish we'd stayed overnight there. Seems I like the small towns better.

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