Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 9: Mudlarking & Tate Modern

I'm blogging this day in two parts, because I'm posting so many art photos.

It was my birthday and we had a great day!

It started off with a walk to the Thames to see the Tate Modern museum. The tide was out and I saw a lot of people down on the exposed beach. I knew what they were doing...mudlarking! I'd wanted to do it but had read you need shoes that can get muddy (or boots) and I wasn't going to haul those to Europe. But this stretch of beach was sandy, so down I went. I was looking for remnants of clay  pipes. Londoners used to buy disposable, pre-packed pipes and would throw them in the river. They still wash up today. You can read more about it here: Mudlarking in London.

We quickly found six pipe stems and some pottery. Lucky! There were lots of people out there, but I chose an empty stretch.

Personally, I think London is kind of grey, ugly and depressing. Maybe it's different at different times of year. This is the pedestrian Millennium Bridge. Skyline still full of cranes, just like photos you see from long ago.

We enjoyed the Tate Modern museum. Granted, it's not everyone's taste. I mean, are these two pieces of metal "art"?

Even their audioguide had a cartoon presentation that asked, "Is it art?" about these red paintings. What do you think? They were on all four walls of this large room.

Seriously. This is a white paper cutout pasted to the museum wall.

I like this kind of stuff, though! Robert Delaunay.

And Kadinsky. Love Kadinsky.

Fernand Leger...

Georges Braque, "Clarinet and Bottle of Rum on a Mantelpiece."

Picasso, "Head of a Woman (Fernande)".

My husband claims he likes this grey panel. That's all it is. A grey panel. Another museum we were in had a black one. Okaaaay...

Matisse, "Reclining Nude".

Picasso, "Nude Woman with Necklace". 

I'll blog the second half of the day tomorrow. We rode a boat down the Thames to Tate Britain where we saw masterpieces I have loved since childhood, and took a Jack the Ripper walking tour with a retired policeman.

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Mary Lou Peters said...

My favorite is the red circles--reminds me of third grade penmanship practice! Who knew that would prepare me for a career as an artist? I like the Delaunay, the Kadinsky, and the Leger that you've shown us. Just noticed: all have circles, and all have red as a prominent color. Hmmm.....

Thank you so much for taking us on a tour of the Tate Modern. And whoever heard of mudlarking?! I am learning so much from your posts, Celeste! Thank you!