Monday, April 06, 2015

Day 7: Westminster Abbey & Legal London Walk

When we arrived at Westminster Abbey, we were fortunate that a security guard told us about the Verger tour about to start. It was well worth 5 pounds. She gave lots of information and we were able to visit the Shrine of St. Edward the Confessor (a "full bodied saint"), which you only get to visit on the Verger tour. The Verger had a wonderful, dry sense of humor and told jokes (many of which, few "got").

First sight upon emerging from the Tube:

No photos were allowed inside the Abbey, so this is all I've got:

After lunch, we took a walking tour with London Walks. "Legal & Illegal London: The Inns of Court", all about the law schools in the City. This one was really rushed...that woman was going at a really brisk pace. I don't know how the older people kept up, and unfortuately, the tour was a blur. Beautiful scenery, though. We had much better luck later on a second London Walks tour, about Jack the Ripper.

Mitch outside a famous clothier of barristers. Horsehair wigs.

Hurry! Catch that blond haired tour guide before she gets away!

After the tour was over, we enjoyed a free pint at Ye Olde Mitre, which you can get if you sign up for their mailing list. Supposedly the "hardest pub to find in London", it was PACKED.

A beautiful original building that survived the Great Fire of London in 1666. It's the Staple Inn and dates to the 1580s. It was heavily damaged by bombing in WW2.

After dinner in Covent Garden (nothing to write home about; it's a shopping arcade), we headed back to our hotel on a bus. The Oyster Card worked well for us in London; it includes buses as well as the Tube. Thanks to Mitch for figuring out the bus routes on our map. I never did get the bus app to work.

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