Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 10: Tower of London, Museum of London, Roman wall

We really enjoyed touring the Tower of London. At the Tube stop next to it, there's a remnant of a Roman postern gate and a piece of the Roman wall.

Postern gate ruin:

Portion of the old Roman wall. This is up the stairs from the Tube stop and to the right.

It's pretty tall.

The Tower of London is a large complex. One of the buildings has a display of armor that used to be shown on horse statues to inspire patriotism. King Henry the XVIII's armor is eye popping. Nobody needs a codpiece THAT big.

Faces of nobility that used to be displayed in full armor on the horses.

The chopping block.

Climbing the narrow stairs in one of the many towers in the complex.

Costumed guide.

View of Tower Bridge from inside the Tower of London complex.

Inside the tower complex.

Prisoner graffiti carved in to the wall of the prison tower.

We walked the wall around the complex and climbed several towers.

After lunch at the Minories pub, where Mitch made a friend, we headed to the Museum of London to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit.

The Museum of London is a wonderful museum, oddly located right in the middle of a traffic roundabout. Took  a few minutes to figure out how to get to it, since you can only enter from a second story bridge. I wish we'd had more time inside, it closed before I was finished the Sherlock exhibit, and the museum has much more about the history of the city. I hope to return.

Very near the museum is a Roman bastion ruin, some wall and an old hermitage on a pond.

Our last pub in London was The Cockpit. Formerly a cockfighting den, it was once owned by Shakespeare.

Goodbye, London! Hope to see you again.

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Mary Lou Peters said...

Beautiful photos, Celeste! Thank you for taking us along on your excellent adventure--these are place I missed while in London...