Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Borough, Courtauld Gallery, National Gallery & Soho.

We tried to go to the Borough Market when we arrived in London on Saturday, but it was so crowded, you literally had to push your way through the people. So we detoured into Neal's Yard cheese shop where a local identified a "proper cheddar" for us. Slices of cheese in hand, we set out on Borough pub tour. Those photos are in my pub post. 

The next morning we started with a big breakfast at The Table. "The Veggie Borough" plate has grilled portobellos and tomatoes, fried haloumi cheese, beans, buttered spinach and two eggs on toast. It was a good thing we had such a big breakfast, because we never got lunch until 3 pm or on some days not at all, spending our day in a museum.

The weather in London was cold, very cold. And grey. I didn't like never being able to tell what time of day it was. All just an unrelenting grey. A partial eclipse happened while we were there...no one could tell.

A lot of London is new skyscrapers. But then you see something like this.

We visited the wonderful Courtauld Gallery.

And the National Gallery. We were disappointed that the wing we most wanted to see was closed due to a worker strike.

After the National Gallery, we walked around Soho and did a pub crawl.

And finished off the night with an excellent late dinner at an Indian place.

Monday, March 30, 2015

London Pub Tour: Second Half

Most of the pubs we found by following the walks in the Londonist's excellent ebook, Book of London Pub Crawls.

The Anchor Bankside. Brewdog Punk IPA.

The Rake. Ilkley Brewery Lotus IPA. Olicana Pale.

The Princess Louise. Old Brewery Bitter. Samuel Smith Taddy Lager. Samuel Smith's Extra Stout.

Ye Old Mitre. Deuchar's IPA.

The Lamb. Courage Brewing Director's. Brains Brewing Welsh Ale.

Went to Startisans, a place that rotates stalls of food and beer to promote local businesses. Didn't write down any beers because we were too busy talking to the brewers. Brought home 3 bottles of Gosnells Mead.

The Hour Glass. Turtle Island Best Bitter. Punter Hampshire Ale. Fuller's London Pride.

Simon the Tanner, second visit. Hop Stuff APA. A second Kernel Pale Ale. Weird Beard Black IPA. Mama Knows Best Bitter. And a great cheese sandwich. Love English cheese sandwiches with savory pickle.

White Swan pub. Black Sheep Best Bitter. Portobello Brewing Star Amber Craft Ale. London Field's Brewery Love Not War Red Ale.

Liberty Bounds pub. Acorn Sovereign IPA. Puffin Ale Orcadian Ale. This picture is not very inspiring...it seems to be the only one I took there.

The Minories Pub, very near the Tower of London tube stop. Pedigree Brewing New World. Adnan's Shipwreck. And EXCELLENT food.

LAST PUB: The Cockpit. Formerly a cockfighting den, later owned by Shakespeare. Old Speckled Hen. Timothy Taylor's Landlord.

London Pub Tour

10 days in London. 26 pubs, 66 different beers/ciders tasted. Including side trips to Salisbury and Windsor. The majority of these pubs we found using the Londonist's ebook Book of London Pub Crawls. Here's the first fifteen.

The Lord Clyde pub. Mean Time Pale Ale and some kind of lemongrass beer.

The Royal Oak pub. Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter. Copper Centenary Ale. Sussex Old Ale XXX.

Simon the Tanner pub. Lily's Bittersweet Cider. The Kernel Pale Ale. Apollo Columbus. Ella Summit. N7 Pale Ale. Pressure Drip Strictly Roots. Dandelion & Burdock Porter.

Coach & Horses pub. Westwood's Old Rosie's Cloudy Cider. Redemption Brewery Hopspur.

Pillars of Hercules pub. Sharps Brewery Atlantic Exceptional Pale Ale. Truman's Runner Bold Best Bitter. Sharp's Doombar.

French House. Theakson Best Bitter.

Euston Tap. Four Pure IPA. Anarchy Smoke Bomb.

Museum Tavern. Ok beer and cider, didn't write it down.

Jeremy Bentham pub. Ringwood's Best. Black Sheep Bitter. Wadworth 6X. Norfolk Ale Woodforde's Wherry. And another Old Rosie's Cloudy Cider (THE BEST).

The Rai d'Or, pub in Salisbury. Red Hare. Elder Q. And great Thai food.

The New Inn, also in Salisbury. Badger Leaping Legend. Badger Stowford Press. Badger Weston's Cider.

Two Brewer's Pub, in Windsor. Cornish Orchards Cornish Gold Cider. Tribute St. Austell Cornwall. And their Gin of the Week, Hayman's Old Towne. "Excellent with elderflower."

King and Castle pub, in Windsor. Windsor Townshend's JCIPA. Challenger First Gold. Shongweni Durban Ale. Nils Oscar India Ale. Barley Brown, Mojo. Green King Abbot Ale.

The White Hart in Southwark. Aspall Suffolk Cider. Castle Rock Harvest Pale.

The Centre Page. Mortimer Cider. DBC Jurassic Bitter. Dogfish Head DNA.