Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 6: Montezuma Well & Castle, Wine Tastings, Sedona

 On day 6, we said goodbye to Flagstaff after seeing the house where Mitch used to live. The bend in the fence where he slid into it with his vehicle one winter is still there after 15 years. We headed down towards Sedona and on the way we saw amazing ruins at Montezuma Well, where there are cliff dwellings around a spring-fed lake that maintains a constant water level. The water is full of endemic leeches and water scorpions. The lake feeds out through cracks in the side of the canyon (crater?) that it's in, and you can still see the trenches that the inhabitants dug on the other side to direct the water. Next we saw Montezuma's Castle, a large cliff dwelling that you can no longer go into. Driving towards Sedona, we stopped in Cottonwood for wine tastings at Alcantara Winery where we sat on an outside patio with cats overlooking a valley and saw their terraced vineyards, and at Arizona Stronghold which was a tasting room in the town of Cottonwood.

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