Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 3 Northern Arizona: Ruins

On our third day, we hiked down Walnut canyon and saw cliff dwellings there. I was surprised I got some vertigo. The trail was right along the edge of the cliff and the other side had rocks with a swirled pattern, which was created by the blowing sand which finally became the rocks.

After lunch, we drove to Wukoki ruin, former home of the Sinagua people.

The doors were very short.

Then we went to Wupatki ruin, where there is a blowhole that blows cool air up from the earth.

Wukoki ruin was originally 3 stories high.

We climbed up the Citadel ruin on a small mesa.

And ended the day walking to three ruins in a box canyon. The moon rose and we could hear coyotes yipping in the distance, and a rabbit ran out in front of us and froze.


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