Sunday, January 05, 2014

2013 In Review

In January, Mitch and I did a 15K race, the Atlanta Hot Chocolate Run. My friend BR did the 5K.

I injured myself in aikido class, pulled muscle.

We saw the Russian State Ballet's production of Cinderella and The Venice Baroque Orchestra...right here in Athens GA!

In February, Mitch did the Valentine Board Break at the dojo. I continued throughout the year going to a monthly knit/crochet night.

In March, I met up with my friend BR for our birthdays and gave her a knitted cowl/hood. I started an in-person watercolor class and Mitch and I went to Jacksonville FL for my birthday. At a museum there, we stumbled onto a painting of some of my ancestors.

In April we participated in a fund raiser Kickathon at the dojo, and I continued the local watercolor class. I switched from aikido to Kyukido in hopes it would be less injury prone. I earned my yellow stripe belt in Kyukido. And I started adjusting my sleep schedule in advance of a trip to France. I'm lucky I can do that, and avoid jet lag, which hits me hard.

By mid-May, my sleep schedule had adjusted to waking up at 2 AM and I was ready to go to Paris! It was AWESOME, in the real meaning of that word. I took a croissant class, we did a wine tasting, saw tons of art and averaged 10 miles a day. We walked 98.7 miles on that trip and climbed to the top of Notre Dame and Sacré Coeur.

In June, I started an online watercolor class. I want to be able to do small watercolors while traveling for my travel journal. And I earned my yellow belt in Kyukido.

In July, I took another online watercolor class about color mixing.

In August, we took a Certified Instructor Training class at the dojo and a clinic with Master Jeff Kim. Then the shit hit the fan and Mitch's leg was broken in nine places (fibula and tibia) during a MAUSA clinic. I quit the martial arts that day. I figure I'm safer running on the street with cars than in the dojo. The rest of the year, Mitch would work from home due to stairs at his office.

September, I cared for Mitch. And worked on this crochet sweater.

In October, we had been booked to go to Arizona for Mitch's birthday, but since he couldn't walk, we cancelled (penalty $400, thanks Delta). Instead, we drove to Jacksonville and sat on the balcony of a beach hotel. Mitch was able to have pool time one afternoon, mostly it rained.

Also in October, we went to SAFF, a fiber festival (yarn) in Asheville, NC. Mostly Mitch stayed in the hotel and worked. But he did go one day on his walker and we met up with friends.

In November, I was taking another online watercolor class but didn't complete that one. Teacher's style didn't grab me and the online platform of the class was clumsy to use. Plus, I was knitting holiday gifts by this time and that took all my creative energy. Here's one if the few assignments I completed, a 30 min timed exercise.

In early November, Mitch was off the walker an using a cane with the boot. We went to Jamaica for a continuing ed conference for him. When we returned, he had to go back to no weight bearing because three screws had broken in his leg. I tried painting while traveling for the first time...the best part of it was the local staff people who came and struck up conversations with me because of it. 

November also saw our family gathering in Knoxville for Thanksgiving, and I did a Thanksgiving Day 8K race in 25 degrees. My sister-in-law did the 5K. We wore the turkey hats I crocheted last year. Everyone else stayed in bed. 

In December, Mitch performed with a Barbershop Chorus, it was a lot of fun.

Christmas was spent in New Orleans with family. After returning home, I got a stomach bug and poor Mitch had to take care of me! Had to butt scoot down stairs, use his walker and get to electric carts in the store. He did have fun driving around the store, though. We were sad to learn that my great-aunt in Maine passed away on Christmas Eve. She was 89. Looking forward to a healthier, mobile 2014.


LIFE IS LIFE said...

I really enjoyed reading your '2013 year in review'.
You always do the most exciting things.
I hope you and Mitch have a safe, healthy, and even happier 2014.


Rachael Herron said...

I love this year in review and I LOVE that crocheted sweater you made! Is that a pattern that's readily available? I heart it. And I love how much fun you seem to have had this year, even with its ups and downs. Thanks for sharing this!!