Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spark the Season: Year's End

I'm doing a photo a day in December with themes from Sparkpeople. Here are the final days.

Day 29: Warmth. I'm knitting a shawl for my dear friend, I hope it will bring her warmth.

Day 30: Resolution. With only 6 days left in 2013, someone I know posted that he had promised himself to go to Germany in 2013 and was on a plane to Frankfurt. That inspired me and I rushed to finish one of my 2013 goals, to finish sewing the last curtain panel in our living room. Finished with 26 hours to spare.

Day 31: Celebrate. There was no "celebrate", because I came down with a very nasty stomach bug, right when I am busy taking care of my husband whose leg is broken. Instead, he butt scooted down the stairs, used his walker to get to the car and rode a powered cart to take care of me. Pedialyte, soup, sherbet and of course, toilet paper. This is his photo.

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