Sunday, December 22, 2013

Spark The Season Week 4

I'm doing a photo a day in December with themes from SparkPeople. Here's week four.

Day 22: Shopping. I did some gift shopping in our historic downtown, far away from the mall. Here's the Christmas tree I walked past, it's in front of the courthouse.

Day 23: Something red. Red tomatoes and salmon on a bagel for breakfast before our road trip to New Orleans.

Day 24: Family

Day 25: Gratitude. Grateful for travel knitting.

Day 26: Gift. My husband gave me a running hat with pockets and Velcro reflective arm bands.

Day 27: Favorite holiday food. Seafood gumbo.

Day 28: Baby, It's Cold Outside! Which is why I am looking forward to knitting the Bulky Montague Vest soon. This is my yarn, and photos from the pattern book, "New England Knits".

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