Monday, June 24, 2013

Martial Arts Demo

AKF Martial Arts in Athens (where I train) did a demo in the kids area during AthFest yesterday. AthFest is an annual music festival in the summer.

Here's a nice pic one of the other adult students took of hubby and me.

And here are my photos.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Martial arts yellow belt!

Yesterday was a belt test and I got promoted to yellow. Only 10 more belts to go! Haha.

With my husband, who teaches one of the classes I take. 

Line up! The test begins.

The black belts did two demos, it was inspiring.

Doing "one steps" with another student.

The black belts surprised the dojo owner with a gift of a battle katana in honor of his reaching the rank of Master.

Then hubby and I went downtown for a music festival where other members of our school were staffing a booth at the kids tent.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Paris Photo Scavenger Hunt

I made a list before my trip of stereotypical things about Paris that I'd like to get in photographs. Got most of them! Because of rain, I wasn't able to get a picnic in progress or an artist en plein air. I also never did find a cream puff swan in a patisserie window. :)

Here's what I did get:

A handwritten menu du jour.

A bride.

An art nouveau metro sign.

The Mona Lisa. That's Mitch with the ponytail.

A kissing couple.

This one is Rodin.

A protest. We saw four of them.

This one is a wildcard I hadn't planned on. A Turkish toilet!  It's a hole in the floor with ceramic foot pads. And you better know (thankfully, I did) to jump out of the way when you flush, because the water sprays out over the entire floor.

Gargoyles! Seen from the top of Notre Dame cathedral. These bad boys are frightening. On another cathedral, I saw gargoyles in the shape of rats, birds, dogs and cats.


A boat on the Seine.

The Arc du Triomphe and the Champs Elysees.

Street sign on the corner of a building.

The Louvre pyramid.


A Parisienne walking a dog.

The Eiffel Tower.