Sunday, November 11, 2012

Martial Arts Tournament

Yesterday I went to a martial arts tournament. My husband competed as did many of the people from the dojo where I just started studying aikido. I was surprised how much fun it was, time flew by. I had brought my knitting just in case but never touched it. Too busy glued to the action. :)

I learned that I never want to compete in tournament fighting. :) Especially never the semi-knockdown. Everybody was fine but it's still a little much for me. The guys think it's "fun". :)

Here's some pictures.

Mitch won first place in board breaking.

 He won second place in points sparring.

He competed in grappling.

The man second from left is his teacher.

There was a stick fighting demonstration.

Group photo of everyone who participated.

Mitch with his medals and broken board afterwards.

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