Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Mitch and I did a 5K Gobbler Run here in Athens the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and on Thanksgiving morning we did an 8K race in Knoxville with my sister-in-law. In both races, we wore turkey hats that I crocheted for us! It was so much fun. Runners came up and started conversations with us, police officers holding back traffic on the race course made comments, and people outside their houses watching the race goggled. Haha!

In the first race, the 5K, one of my knitter friends ran too, sans hat. She won her age group and got a trophy! It's the first time I have ever stayed for an awards ceremony, I am so slow, I never win and most times the awards are already given out before I even cross the finish line. So it was a new experience to me to get to see a friend win a trophy! It was great.

On Thanksgiving morning, my mom, stepdad and step-aunt did the 2 mile race while pushing my nephew, Isaac, in the stroller. Didn't get a pic of that though. They waited at the finish line for us and cheered us on! That was nice of them, since we were out there a lot longer (8K is just shy of 5 miles).

Here's my pics!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Martial Arts Tournament

Yesterday I went to a martial arts tournament. My husband competed as did many of the people from the dojo where I just started studying aikido. I was surprised how much fun it was, time flew by. I had brought my knitting just in case but never touched it. Too busy glued to the action. :)

I learned that I never want to compete in tournament fighting. :) Especially never the semi-knockdown. Everybody was fine but it's still a little much for me. The guys think it's "fun". :)

Here's some pictures.

Mitch won first place in board breaking.

 He won second place in points sparring.

He competed in grappling.

The man second from left is his teacher.

There was a stick fighting demonstration.

Group photo of everyone who participated.

Mitch with his medals and broken board afterwards.