Thursday, October 11, 2012

St. Simons Island

We went to St. Simons Island, Georgia for Mitch's birthday and had a great time! We'd never been there before. We stayed in Pier Village and walked everywhere. It was fantastic. With all the live oaks, the island is very beautiful and feels peaceful. We rode bikes, went on a walking ghost tour, heard live music and visited with friends who live in nearby Brunswick. We had lunch on Jekyll Island in a former club for the super rich. It was a great weekend.

Nice shot I got from the pier, using the pier rail as a tripod.

Walking up the four story lighthouse...

View from the top of the lighthouse.

View from the pier.

Mitch being scary on the ghost tour.

Jazz funk band "Royal Noise". They are GREAT and I bought their cd.

Local headline while we were there. Another paper I saw had a lead story about the Catface Turpentine Festival.

"Tree spirit" carved into a live oak. There are many on the island and the bark eventually grows over the face.

Former Coast Guard station, now Maritime Museum. We climbed up to the watchtower on top.

Had so much fun cycling on the island.

Lunch in the former club of the uber rich, on Jekyll Island. This was their "casual" restaurant.