Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Savannah Scare

Last Thursday we drove to Savannah to spend a few days and to go to the Savannah Craft Brew Fest. When we arrived, we checked in and as we parked the car I saw a bar called Isaac's. I suggested we go in and have a beer in solidarity with my parents who were at that moment still sitting under Hurricane Isaac in New Orleans.

We went inside, sat down at the bar and ordered. Mitch crossed his foot over the other knee and right away he thought something was on his leg. He brushed it off, and it was bleeding. And it kept bleeding...and bleeding, and BLEEDING. I saw it pumping out with the beat of his heart. It was very frightening! We got napkins and they kept getting was all very fast. He had blood on both feet, on the floor...

Since it was literally pumping, we were afraid. I told the barmaid to call 911. Instead of doing it, she screamed and ran to the back for her manager, who came out and scowled at us as if we were doing some sort of setup for a lawsuit. No one helped us. Finally the barmaid did call 911 and am ambulance arrived.

By the time the ambulance arrived, the bleeding had stopped due to keeping pressure on it. I filled a plastic ziplock with the blood saturated napkins. It was horrible. The EMTs said there was nothing they could do and they went away (no charge).

The cut is really tiny, it looks like a kitten scratch. Best we can figure, he got cut on something sharp under the bar. We were so freaked out, we never did find it. He was fine for the rest of our trip. It was very scary though and we were both afraid, it has taken some time to get over it.

Here's Mitch outside Isaac's bar right before we went inside.

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