Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We walked over the Ponte Santa Trinita (Holy Trinity Bridge) in Florence, October 2011 and saw the statues of the seasons. This is Primavera, Spring. In 1944 the bridge was destroyed by retreating Germans. Primavera lost her head and the rumor was that a black American GI had stolen it. Her head was recovered in 1961 from the bottom of the Arno river. Primavera created by Pietro Francavilla.
Ponte Santa Trinita is a Renaissance elliptic arch bridge constructed by Bartolomeo Ammanti from 1567-1569. Seasons statues were added in 1608 for the wedding of Cosimo II de Medici with Maria Magdalena of Austria.
After being destroyed by the Germans in 1944, the bridge was reconstructed in 1958 with original stones recovered from the Arno and from the same quarry, under direction of architect Riccardo Gizdulich.   My journal page of the statue...

I took this photo of the Ponte Santa Trinita from the Ponte Vecchio, another bridge.

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