Wednesday, September 19, 2012

IL Tomistico

More watercolor journaling of photos I took during a trip to Florence, Italy.

This man came up to us when we were visiting the brass wild boar statue, "Il Porcellino" (painting of that to come next), in the Mercato Nuova in Florence. He tried to start a conversation wih us - in Italian. Mitch gathered that the guy was asking philosophic, Socratic type questions. Because Mitch speaks Spanish, he could sometimes get the gist of Italian being spoken around us. Mitch dubbed him "Il Tomistico" after the followers of Thomas Aquinas.
The photo was taken on my phone by a tall, male Japanese student who was with a group of friends. I didn't place Mitch and myself in the painting, because I didn't think I could capture Mitch's hilarious facial expression. After this photo was taken, we walked on to the nearby Ponte Vecchio, a famous bridge over the river Arno.

The Loggia del Mercato Nuovo, in the daytime.

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