Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do Not Offend Your Sommelier

This is Zeno. While we waited with another couple for the wine tasting to begin, I said I'd read a story on TripAdvisor about a couple who had come in here, ordered lunch but declined wine because they don't drink before dark - and someone kicked them out. Zeno said, "That was me. Don't come into an enoteca if you don't want wine. Go to a restaurant." The wine tasting he gave us included 12 wines, 4 cheeses, and lasted 3 hours. I painted it in brighter colors than reality because I remember it through wine-colored glasses.

On the wall is a TV where he showed us visuals of the vintners who made the wines we sampled, and of the vineyards. Below the TV is a map of Tuscany and he showed us where the vineyards are.

(I painted this while listening to an opera cd my friend Hajro gave me.)

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