Sunday, June 03, 2012

State of the Knit

I've been knitting the lace bottom half of what will be a crescent shaped shawl. Only one more lace repeat of 20 rows, and I can pick up the stitches on the top edge and knit the top half, which will be an easy plain knit. This project also has beads knitted in to the bottom border and the top edge. Merino and silk! This project is part of a year-long knit club that I purchased. Next kit comes any day so I better finish this one.

This particular club year has a travel theme. This shawl is for the "Seychelles islands" destination, and we received information about our "destination", recipes, a sea shell and recommendations for sights on the island. This shawl pattern was designed especially for this kit, and was inspired by waves and sand, which the pattern evokes. The shiny beads are like glints of the sun off the water, and the lace pattern is in waves. The yarn was specially hand-dyed by an indie dyer, Miss Babs.

 The next kit is for "the moors". Looking forward to seeing what that will be, and what I can learn about the location. Armchair traveling!

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