Saturday, June 02, 2012

Day 3 Big Island: Chain of Craters Road

At the end of our last day on the Big Island, we drove through Volcanoes National Park and down Chain of Craters Road to the end of the line. End of the line, because the road at the coast is covered with hardened lava.

Sea arch at the end of the road...

Craggy lava coastline...I wish we'd been able to see some flowing lava, but this is beautiful and stunning.

My brother's comment on this photo: "Expect delays."

End of the road.

We walked out to a petroglyph field. This took longer than expected, because walking on lava is harder than you'd think. Footing is constantly shifting, it is work. You have to watch where you are putting your feet at every moment. For more information on the petrogylphs, go here: Pu'u Loa petroglyph trail.

Next post will show night photos of the glowing volcano, our last night on the Big Island.

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