Thursday, June 14, 2012

California Trip

We were in California last week for Mitch's nephew's high school graduation.

After we landed, we had a nice meal in Santa Monica and strolled to the beach. Don't get too jealous, we were only there for a few minutes...we had to drive to Bakersfield.

This is what Bakersfield looks like.

We had a fun time visiting in Bakersfield (Mitch's home town) with his friend since 10 years of age, Don, and his wife Lynn.

On graduation day, Mitch and his nephew had a jam session.
 We also met Mitch's grand-niece for the first time.

I exercised every day I was there, and one day we did an intense workout program with Lynn and her 14 year old son. It's called P90X2 Plyocide. When this photo was taken, Mitch's ponytail was dripping sweat on my arm! Ewww.

After we left Bakersfield, we headed back to Los Angeles and visited with two of Mitch's cousins in Huntington Beach. The younger one he had not seen in over a decade.

On our last day we toured Huntington Gardens and art museum in Pasadena, which is amazing. Need way more than one day to see it. And you can see tall mountains in the distance from Pasadena, TALL!

Yep, that is the Blue Boy painting. Famous. The pink girl was there too, "Pinkie". Also famous. It was a great trip.

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