Saturday, February 25, 2012

Art Journal

I'm taking an online class on how to make art journals. I'm creating one as a souvenir of an upcoming trip to Hawaii.

First step was picking up a book to alter at Goodwill. I chose this Reader's Digest hardback because I like the cover design.

Then, I ripped out the pages. I know, book heresy! But after all, it's a Reader's Digest.

The spine had Reader's Digest stuff on it, so I needed to cover it.

I chose this bright paper for decoupage...after all, the journal will be about a trip to Hawaii. I added black ribbon to pull it all together.

I like journals with ribbon bookmarks so I glued one in.

Tonight I cut out watercolor paper into "signatures" for the book. Tomorrow I will drill holes in the spine so I can sew in the paper.

I cut the edges of the paper into wave shapes. So far, so good!

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