Saturday, February 25, 2012

Art Journal

I'm taking an online class on how to make art journals. I'm creating one as a souvenir of an upcoming trip to Hawaii.

First step was picking up a book to alter at Goodwill. I chose this Reader's Digest hardback because I like the cover design.

Then, I ripped out the pages. I know, book heresy! But after all, it's a Reader's Digest.

The spine had Reader's Digest stuff on it, so I needed to cover it.

I chose this bright paper for decoupage...after all, the journal will be about a trip to Hawaii. I added black ribbon to pull it all together.

I like journals with ribbon bookmarks so I glued one in.

Tonight I cut out watercolor paper into "signatures" for the book. Tomorrow I will drill holes in the spine so I can sew in the paper.

I cut the edges of the paper into wave shapes. So far, so good!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dash Rip Rock!

My very favorite band from college in New Orleans played here tonight...Dash Rip Rock. What a show! I can't remember when I had a better time. My camera obviously was not up to the wall of sound that is Dash Rip Rock. And my family members who read this blog probably wouldn't like Dash...but I loooooove them. Took me right back to my mosh pit days. Mitch enjoyed it too.

In this video, Bill Davis plays the guitar with a beer bottle, another guitar, and a steer's skull.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's Going On Here

Yesterday Mitch came home from work for lunch and then decided to put a coat of paint on the basement room before going back to work. This will be his music room when it's done. We look forward to using the giant fireplace, with it's 1960's mosaic tile installation above. The fireplace is really huge...could roast a pig in there! The boxes piled by the fireplace is flooring he will put down later.

This morning, I signed up for this online art journal class. I hope to make something nice with all the "ephemera" my mom encouraged me to collect while I was in Italy...ticket stubs, maps, receipts, museum brochures and more.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Jonesing for Hawaii

I'm jonesing for Hawaii like I do every winter. So I made this video of some of my favorite vacation photos over the years. The video is less than 5 minutes and has photos from O'ahu and Maui. Can't wait to be on island once again!