Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stupid Americans!

Our first full day in Florence, we went to a locals' restaurant across the river in the locals' neighborhood, called the Oltrarno. We were the only non-Italians in the place. Right away, Mitch spilled water in a big flood all over our table and the floor, and then I went into the bathroom and set off a restaurant-wide emergency alarm that sounds like a fire alarm while trying to figure out how to flush the toilet. Toilet flushing in other countries is not as easy as you might think it is. They were all really gracious about it though. And nice.

Here we are eating fried zucchini flowers after "The Incident". Because you might as well laugh about it and carry on.

We even went back a second day. This time we stuck with wine and everything went smoothly.

More fried zucchini flowers...those things are GOOD!

Their pappa alla pomodoro was sooo good. The waiter shared the recipe with me, including their "secret". I tried this dish at two other restaurants and it was not nearly as good. It's got to be I'Brindellone's secret ingredient that makes the difference, and I know what it is! Uhhh...I ate it all. Sorry.

Here are the Italian workers at lunch who got blasted by the emergency alarm.

Mitch outside the restaurant.

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Avoid the johns.