Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some of It Feels Like a Dream

At night the streets took on an eerie, dream-like quality. The streets are so narrow and dimly lit, the buildings towering with no space between. The crowds thin. Scowling statues look down on you from above with disapproval. You can really get a feel for the medieval quality of the city.

One of the traditions in Florence is to go to the Mercato Nuovo and rub the nose of this brass pig...either for luck, or to ensure a return trip to Florence. That's what we did one night...

While we were there we were accosted by a man...Mitch's Spanish is good enough that he was able to decipher that the fellow wanted to debate the existence of God in Italian.

The Mercato Nuovo looked and felt a lot different in the bright light of day the following morning.

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Felipe Zapata said...

Spanish and Eye-talian are pretty similar.