Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Favorite Museum: The Bargello

My favorite museum in Florence is the Bargello (the jail). The building used to be a jail, and they would paint the portraits of the inmates on the outside wall. Rivals of the Medici were hung to death out the windows. Pretty gruesome.

But today, it is an amazing sculpture museum and sculpture is my absolute favorite. I don't have many photos of it, because photography is not allowed inside.

This is the courtyard. The terracotta plaques are the crests of judicial bigwigs and other important people.

I was impressed by this giant metalwork oil lamp on the wall. Can you imagine that lit in medieval times, in the darkness?

Mitch is standing next to a fountain piece. At some point in time (I knew but now can't remember) the statues in this piece were separated and went in different directions. I'm betting during WWII. Now they have been reunited.


Snuck this photo. Supposedly it's Jesus giving a blessing.

One of the windows in the Bargello, looking out onto the street. Most of the museums there are not really climate controlled. While we were there, it was very hot. And the museum workers would be in there in full suits with scarves around their necks, in the heat! Looking chilled. Meanwhile the rest of us were sweating like dogs. When I saw this open window, I stood in front of it for a long time enjoying a breeze. Down below was a long, long line of Vespas in the street.

I envied an art class I saw (this is another snuck pic). This appeared to be the teacher. The students were spread out in the room, drawing statues with charcoal sticks. Some used real bird feathers to smudge their marks. I sat and watched them for awhile. I envied them because they got to sit there with the sculpture for long periods of time and that is what I wanted to do. I wanted to just sit there and absorb it all. There wasn't enough time! There is so much art in Florence...I could have just sat in this one room all day long.

Here I am with "Il Pescatore" by Vincenzo Gemito, 1877. Looking good before I got sick later in the trip!

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Felipe Zapata said...

Sneaking photos! Remember what happened to Amanda Knox for breaking the law in Italy.