Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Florence, Everyone is in the Street

In Florence, the streets are so narrow, you have no choice but to walk in the street. EVERYONE is in the street. The sidewalks are very uneven, only one person wide, and the buildings often have stone adornments sticking out at head level waiting to give you a good whack.

You walk in the street. With cars, buses, Vespas and cyclists. You take your life in your hands and pray. More incentive to be Catholic! And the bicyclists go in ANY direction, so you can get creamed on a one way street by a cyclist going the other direction.

A lot of the cyclists have bells on their bikes and are ringing them constantly. I'm surprised they have not invented one that rings by itself, powered by the pedaling.

These photos are rather tame. I couldn't get any in the exciting traffic, I was too busy saving my own life.

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