Friday, October 21, 2011

Florence Food...

I lost weight in Italy while eating like this. There was a lot of walking.

Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce.

The menu called this ravioli, and other restaurants called this shape tagliatelle (which seems to be flat like linguine if you look it up). This was "ravioli with butter and sage".

Pizza with zucchini flowers.

Gelato, the mass market kind. I didn't eat this, I ate the small batch "artignale" style. La-te-dah!

Grilled swordfish and veggies.

Pasta. There was lots of pasta, perfectly al dente every time.

Ooooh. My favorite. Vin santo and cantucci (biscotti). Vin santo is a delicious dessert wine that tastes a lot like brandy.

Mitch's truffle risotto...

Mushroom pasta.

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Felipe Zapata said...

Those Eye-talians know how to eat.