Monday, October 17, 2011

Beer Outside the Walls

One night we walked outside the San Frediano Gate and the remnant of the medieval city walls, to Florence's sole microbrewery. The gate was built between 1332 and 1334 and led to Pisa. The gate used to be higher, but was later cropped in order to make it less vulnerable to artillery attacks. You can see big metal rings along it, which were for tethering horses.

We sat outside the cafe', right at the gate, and sampled the beer. Later in our trip we told a local about it, who pretty rightly said that the beer there "tastes like piss".

Pretty much all the beer in Italy tastes like that. Stick to the wine.

But the walk in the dark along medieval streets and the river was fantastic.

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Felipe Zapata said...

Julie and I walked the streets of Barcelona at night. Nothing like the night streets of nations that speak romance languages, though it's less so in Paris for some reason.