Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Know What I Am Doing The Rest Of This Week

Today I went to a nearby park where I did my running training this past winter. It's finally cooled off enough that I will run outside again. Today I realized, it's cool enough to run, but still hot enough to swim! And all the kiddies are in school so it was pretty empty at the park's swimming beach.

I ran down the road next to the swimming beach...completely empty.

Over the dam and up the hill! I saw Bambi cross the road while I was running, wish I could have gotten a photo.

When I came back, a mom and daughter the same age as my mom and me had arrived. Daughter went running or walking with a bikini on under her exercise clothes and mom journaled. I'm bringing my bathing suit next time!

I went down to the lake to soak my feet. A guy about my dad's age appeared and started swimming laps with a Garmin. He had timed rest breaks. Just like me and running! I bet swim floats are on sale right now...I'm going to spend the rest of the week at the lake, running and then jumping in. It's finally time for *my* summer.

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