Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finding Your Neighborhood Bar

This morning I read a travel blog about a woman's solo trip to Italy. During the "pausa" or rest time in the afternoon, she would hang out in Italian bars to pass the time. In Italy, bars are not like bars in the States. They also have coffee and food, and are hangout places for everyone. People go to the bar for breakfast, and any other time of the day.

The travel blogger wrote about how someone advised her to find her "neighborhood bar" while she was on her trip. What a great idea! I hope to do that in Florence.

And I immediately knew where my neighborhood cafes are in San Francisco, after only one trip (in 2009). The first one is Boulangerie du Polk on Russian Hill, where I spent a wonderful morning with a cappuchino in a bowl and a croissant, people-watching. People even brought their dogs inside. I overheard a man behind me tell someone who had called his cell phone that he could not talk, he was eating breakfast! He quickly made arrangements to call back and HUNG UP! You don't see that very often...people enjoying their food and putting down the phone.

The stream of people into this Boulangerie testifies how good it is. It's at 2300 Polk on Russian Hill.

After I left Boulangerie du Polk, I spotted some of the wild parrots having their own breakfast.

I walked a lot of hills (naturally! It's San Francisco!) until I found my next cafe' in North Beach.

Caffe' Trieste. I LOVE THIS PLACE! It has coffee, sandwiches, pastries and who knows what-all. They play opera. Supposedly Coppola wrote part of The Godfather in here. Sitting down in close quarters, people on both sides of me talked to me! It was very convivial.

I didn't write a masterpiece in here, but I did knit part of a sock. On another day when I brought Mitch here, we didn't go in because of the long line to get in. North Beach was definitely my favorite neighborhood.

One of the photos I took near Caffe' Trieste.


Gloria said...

Great blog...can almost smell SF. Dawnn's neighborhood has a great one, The Dragfly...where the call you by name! Not Cheers, but close without the alcohol.

Gloria said...

I can almost smell SF just through your words. Dawnn's neighborhood has it's Dragonfly..."where they call you by your name". Cheers without the alcohol. Great blog!