Saturday, May 21, 2011

Peruvian Music

Spent a wonderful evening listening to Peruvian music with Mitch and our friend Janet. It was in a restaurant, and there weren't very many people there. Everyone else was Peruvian and it had a real house party vibe. Lots of audience participation...people sang out loudly, clapped, yelled comments and encouragement, and danced. The owner came over and took our photo for his website so I asked him to take a picture with my camera phone. We had a great time!

In 2007 at this same restaurant, a Peruvian strolled by with this hairless Peruvian dog. The owner told us that this breed dates back to the Incas. Yes, it's an ugly dog. But it's personality was beautiful! It was so friendly, a wonderful dog.

Here's the band we saw, Apu Inka. Click for their website to hear some really nice samples of their music.

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