Saturday, May 21, 2011

Half Marathon Re-Cap

Just realized I forgot to blog pictures from my half marathon race in New Orleans! A half marathon is 13.1 miles.

My online Weight Watchers friend, Trecia, and I met for the very first time in person for the race. We've been online friends for 5-6 years and it was great to finally meet in person.

At the Expo, she was thrilled to meet Dan from The Biggest Loser television show.

And I was thrilled to meet John "The Penguin" Bingham, one of my heroes. He writes running books and inspirational articles, mostly for those of us at the back of the pack.

My husband and I showed Trecia around the French Quarter...

We had a carriage ride....

That's Mitch wearing a pirate skull hat I knitted for him...

I also got to meet another online fitness friend, Mary Ellen for the first time. She runs A LOT of races. I believe she was working on running 6 half marathons in 6 months.

We were freezing our TAILS off at the start. Would have liked to have coats on, but we knew we'd get hot once we started running.

My family met us several times along the route. That's my sister in costume with a sign she made specially for me, for the race. (Costume...Mardi Gras Half Marathon.)

There's my (step)Dad meeting me at the finish line.

Coming in to the finish line...

This is one of the cheer squads along the route. They were all dressed like the rock band KISS. It really cheered me up!

Crossed the finish line!

Trecia and I after the race, with our medals.

My finisher's medal.

It was great to have family support out there. There's my mom, my sister, me and Mitch.

With Don...

On the drive home the next day (Valentine's Day!), Mitch and I took a detour and drove along the Gulf Coast beaches for awhile, with the sunroof open and Jimmy Buffett on the stereo. It was a perfect ending to a fun adventure.

Peruvian Music

Spent a wonderful evening listening to Peruvian music with Mitch and our friend Janet. It was in a restaurant, and there weren't very many people there. Everyone else was Peruvian and it had a real house party vibe. Lots of audience participation...people sang out loudly, clapped, yelled comments and encouragement, and danced. The owner came over and took our photo for his website so I asked him to take a picture with my camera phone. We had a great time!

In 2007 at this same restaurant, a Peruvian strolled by with this hairless Peruvian dog. The owner told us that this breed dates back to the Incas. Yes, it's an ugly dog. But it's personality was beautiful! It was so friendly, a wonderful dog.

Here's the band we saw, Apu Inka. Click for their website to hear some really nice samples of their music.