Saturday, November 13, 2010

Costa Rica

Last week we were in Costa Rica for a continuing education conference for Mitch.

I have a travel tradition of seeking out new foods to try. The stranger, the better. This time it was two fruits.

This one is a lychee and despite what you think of its appearance, it's DELICIOUS. The inside white flesh is like a big grape with a large seed inside.

This one is good too, a type of passionfruit. But it's a lot of work for little return. Like eating a pomengranate. Both these fruits were sweet.

We went on a riverboat ride (Oh, Kate Hepburn!) and I was able to get some pictures of white faced monkeys.

Capuchin monkey (a.k.a. "white faced" monkey).

At the resort... I'll post more photos of the trip later.