Sunday, October 31, 2010

Half Marathon Training

I was out trail running today as part of my half-marathon training. Today's goal was 5 miles. I had a great time. Beautiful weather and scenery, and felt strong.

Then I got to my car and found that my phone had slipped out of my waist pack! I went home and got Mitch so we could use his phone to look for it. After an additional 1.25 miles (total of 6.25 for today) I gave up. There was no way I was going to do 10 miles today to find it.

The phone was 5 years old, ancient in cell phone land. Mitch suggested that we get it deactivated immediately so no one could rack up bills on it. We did that and got a new one. Of course, by the time we got home from doing that and having dinner, the park called and someone had turned it in. And now I'm trying to figure out this fancy new phone. It would cost more to return it and pay their restocking fee than to keep it! Stupid AT&T.

The new phone has features like apps...GPS navigation and finding things like restaurants. I wonder if that feature incurs more charges? They don't even tell you! It's just on there.

Here I am at 4 miles, feeling good and not knowing that my phone is gone.

Beautiful scenery.

Ruin of a stone house in the woods along the trail.

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