Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scenes from Maui

More photos from Maui!

We drove up Mt. Haleakala (a volcanic crater which is TEN THOUSAND FEET!) in this Jeep. Those clouds are there because that's just air on the side of the road...air, drop-off, and no guard rail. The road was narrow, winding and scary, with insane tourists zipping around on it at top speed. I wonder how many tourists die each year on Maui in car accidents. I Googled my question but all I got was a long list of Maui personal injury lawyers.

We didn't get to see much of the crater because it was socked in all day by the clouds. What we did see, looked like a moonscape.

Silversword plant on Haleakala.

These next photos are nowhere near Haleakala. These are from the road to Hana, the wet side of the island.

Flower in the Garden of Eden:

Saw some snails at Ke'anae Pennisula. They are HUGE. Plants that are small houseplants on the mainland are as big as trees in Hawaii, too.

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