Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Still thrilled by the Saints Super Bowl victory! WHO DAT! We had a Super Bowl gathering at our house in Georgia, but were in close contact with family in New Orleans.

Random guy my parents photographed during breakfast at Commander's Palace. I think he was still honoring Buddy D.

My Dad with a Black and Gold mustache, just like his dad used to do...

Aunt Kathy (Don's sister). She flew into NOLA from CO. I should have done that too.

Moi. I like Sir Saint.

Friend, at our house, Janet.

Mitch samples the game day holy water.

Friend Chris, known since childhood days at The Mountain.

My brother, Elie, in Knoxville, also painted Black and Gold.

New Orleans family on Don's side, he's sitting down in the middle with the black shirt and beard.

My sister, Sarah on the left with her cousins.

Sister Sarah and Dad Don. I got him that shirt for Christmas. It's a Saints Hawaiian shirt.

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