Sunday, October 11, 2009

San Francisco, Day 2, Part 1

Looking from Coit Tower to Alcatraz.

Golden Gate Bridge is red because of rust.

View from the front of Coit Tower, on Telegraph Hill.

From Coit Tower, the city and a lovely cathedral.

What I saw while having lunch in North Beach (Little Italy).

Inside the restaurant...

Cathedral in North Beach where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DeMaggio where photographed after they married, but they weren't married here.

Mural outside of Vesuvio's bar, a hangout of the Beat poets.

Inside Caffe' Trieste, hangout of Jack Kerouac and other famous authors, and where Coppola supposedly wrote part of The Godfather.

And I knitted part of a sock there.

Sometimes you have to look UP. See the three robed figures near the top of the white building?

Here's a close-up. Kinda eerie.

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Trevor Harden said...

Man, I love that city! I could totally live there...