Sunday, August 16, 2009

Countdown to Cookout

We invited four friends over for a cookout this coming Saturday as a deadline to get the main level of our house completed. Will we succeed? Or will we crash and burn? In either case, we will still have fun.

BEFORE photo: Floor level cabinet. Ugly hospital mint green paint. Broken rail for cabinet door, door overly coated with paint, awkward toe kick under cabinet.

After: Cheerful yellow paint, brand new track for the door, brand new door into which Mitch placed new thumb handles, eliminated toe kick and made uniform trim.

Before: 1960's sliding glass doors were not energy efficient. Could feel the heat coming in. The brown door to the right was dour and also not energy efficient, because they used an interior door for an exterior doorway which makes no sense.

The red oak floors are also new in both shots. Previously the underfloor was rotten and springy, and the top flooring was some kind of synthetic material with wood grain printed on it. Mitch put in new, random length oak floors and we finished them ourselves.

After. New outer door, two new French doors, paint.

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