Thursday, May 21, 2009

St. Lucia

A couple years ago we visited the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. We were robbed there, so we don't have many pictures (stole my camera...I wish they'd just left me the memory card). I posted these on Facebook, so I'm putting them here for my friends and family who aren't on that site.

below: highly decorated restaurant at the resort. Note the wooden carved art. St. Lucia is famous for it's wooden sculpture, and we observed a distinct style to the art there.

below: view from the villa's porch where I had breakfast every morning. That part was GREAT! This is where our stuff was stolen, by someone who had a key. It was rented housing that the resort put us in because they overbooked. The view was staggering. Also unbenownst to us, there was a local staying UNDERNEATH the adjacent guest villa, in an open-air storage room. He made coal in the nearby woods. The guest couple staying in that villa were also robbed; even their shoes and clothing were taken.

View of the resort's beach bar from a water taxi. I love the conical, tiki-like roof. It was made of some woven plant material. CLICK the photo and enlarge it, there is a lot of interesting detail to see. I'm thinking I should try enlarging a print of this to display in my home, because I love this photo so's totally tiki.

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