Monday, May 18, 2009

Mitch's Floor

Mitch has finished putting the oak flooring (sans trim) in the living room and dining room. Plans on finishing the foyer this week. There's a rumor that he's going to put on the top coat while I am out of town next week and save me from the fumes! What a hubby.

Of course that means that as soon as I return, I will have to start painting! LOL I am the painter in this partnership. And the seamstress. I will be sewing living room curtains from the fabric we bought in Hawaii.

Here's a short video of the flooring progress.

This is the fabric the curtains will be made of, followed by furniture for the living room. All the furniture is retro stuff we obtained from our favorite Athens resale shop, Agora. The coffee table is a Lane. The sofa is by Flexsteel and is extra long and seats four or more.

Now picture a flat tv on the wall playing the movie "Endless Summer". Ahh.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! The flooring looks great. I bet you are going to enjoy the move upstairs. I didn't even notice the patio when I was there.